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Stacy & Paul: A Salvage One Chicago Wedding Videography

Late afternoon on a September day, we were delighted to capture the celebration of love that epitomized Stacy and Paul’s Chicago wedding. These lovely people were high school sweethearts with eyes only for each other. How blessed they felt on their special day was expressed in the joy written across their faces. Here is the journey of their wedding day:

The venue: Salvage One, Chicago 

Picture an expansive Chicago warehouse complete with stunning exposed brick, timber floors and an interesting array of furniture to complement the space. That’s what Salvage One, Chicago brings to the world of events. You get a sneak peek of this incredible venue in the teaser, but what you don’t see is that this repurposed warehouse is now home to an eclectic antique shop. Its items are bursting with the memories from many lives, many historic homes and many churches. But, they now help happy couples make new memories – a generous start to the meaningful lives they will build together.

The ceremony

Two stately elephant statues guard the entrance to the aisle. Below the exposed rafters, chandeliers glitter and greenery freshens up the timber church pews. By Greek columns, Paul anticipates the arrival of his bride as she walks joyously down the aisle, romantically lined with candles.

Stacy holds her bouquet before her as she is lovingly escorted. Predominantly white, her beautiful bouquet is enhanced with just a few deep burgundy blooms and leafy greenery delicately peeking through. The perfect choice as they celebrate their wedding just as summer turns to fall.


Paul’s dapper navy suit complements Stacy’s elegant gown featuring a delicate train. They set heads turning as they walk down the street for a few moments away from their guests to capture photographs and footage to later remind them of the feelings they experienced. They are picture-perfect as they gently cruise down the Chicago River, making memories on this momentous day.

The reception

Rich red napkins bearing the name of each guest in elegant gold embroidery complement vintage timber tables and ornate chairs. Simple, shining white plates are enhanced by trails of vivid green leaves which substitute as table runners. A glorious chandelier is overhead but its spotlight is stolen as the late afternoon sun beams in the corner of one of the many large windows gracing the Salvage One reception space.

Before night falls, Stacy and Paul make a jubilant entry together, holding hands and with bouquet raised. Guests watch on and applaud as this much-loved couple brightens up the room. Stacy and Paul embrace their first dance together as newlyweds on Salvage One’s timber dance floor. Her embellished long-sleeve gown sparkles under the lights as they dance; bouncy golden curls and bright lips evoking old-world Hollywood glamour. Their heads bow together, completely in the moment, never taking their eyes from each other.

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