Luxury Wedding Videography Chicago

Preserve Your Luxury Wedding With 312 Videography Chicago.

Luxury Wedding Videography Chicago by 312FILM can preserve your most memorable event of your life. You and your loved one can now have the best moments of your entire wedding to view and pass on to future family members.

The most professional, the best choice for you and your loved one and family to video your Luxury Wedding in Chicago is 312FILM.COM. Capturing your wedding is our priority. We provide the best quality videography possible to your satisfaction and your standards.

Union League Club of Chicago Wedding Videography


312FILM are professional husband and wife team who live and operate within the Chicago area. However, they can and will travel to your city if the need arises. You and your loved one can have a cinematic quality video of your precious moments to relive for the rest of your lives.

Booking your wedding videography is simple and easy. 312FILM can be reached by telephone as well as there is a simple form on the 312FILM website. Fill out the contact information on the online form and 312FILM will contact you within 1 to 2 days.

Once initial contact has been made you can meet with 312FILM and discuss the important details of the wedding and the desired results you want.

Salvage One Chicago wedding video


With our package you will get 11 hours of professional video, 2 cameras, 2 videographers, a microphone for clarity, extra audio, teaser video (ready the next day), and editing short and long forms for highlights. This deluxe special also includes online sharing, Transportation in Chicago, DVD Set & Blue-ray USB Flash Drive (files edited).


Your precious event can be submitted online for all of your family and closest friends to enjoy along with you. All you need to do is ask how you can have your wedding shared online.

312FILM has the right to change the price of any special package at any time as needed. The husband and wife team are professional and in high demand. Therefore, 312FILM is able to book approximately 20 events per year.

Simply call or fill out our simple online short form to contact us. Reserve your place for us to video your luxury wedding videography in Chicago.

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